The most important steps to maintain healthy health and healthy body


Written by Eng. Jihan Alghazawi


When we browse the Internet, especially YouTube, we find hundreds of channels and articles that talk about natural recipes for weight loss, skin, hair and others.

Hundreds of videos about natural recipes, but most of it does not give a result,  because of the nature  difference from one body to another in terms of the nature of the body , skin and hair..

While if we follow the next steps we get a perfect body  , it might take  a long time but lasts for a lifetime, not to mention the continuous  changes in the environment  for worst, and industrial food  full of hormones, chemical fertilizers, meat  and others.

 The most important steps:

1-Healthy Food

Few people who follow a health system in their lives are, perhaps  because of the nature of Arab cuisine, which relies heavily on starches, carbohydrates and others

Steps to Healthy Food:

-Calorie control

– Stay away from soft drinks, sweetened juices, desserts, canned foods and  quick foods as much as possible.

-Minimize coffee and tea as much as possible, do not drink coffee on the stomach directly in early morning

– Dispose of white foods, such as white sugar, white rice, white salt, macaroni and other refined foods, and replace them with brown sugar and brown rice.

-The best dispense with sugar.

-Stay away from hydrogenated oils and red meat as much as possible.

– Drink water on your lap and any natural juice preferably home made.

– Reliance on natural juices processed at home-

-Do not drink ice water-

-Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat vegetables boiled or grilled and stay away from fried food as much as possible.

-Eat fruits such as apples, bananas and carrots on a daily basis

-Eating  wheat bran or barley for their health benefits-

2-vitamins and supplements  

The most important are vitamin D3, calcium, zinc, compound B, iron. Biotin

3-    Exercise

The nature of the momentum of life and daily preoccupations difficult to commitment to a sport club in terms of cost and time, so it is important to exercise on a daily basis, starting with walking from early morning or evening, it is possible to exercise fast or jog or slow.

Walking relieves stress and reduces weight, gives a sense of comfort, aerobics or zumba exercise or at least playing music and dancing where it gives flexibility to the body.

Weightlifting is very important for building muscle and burning fat, possible weight gain and home exercise.

  4- Practice meditation

Meditation is very useful for relaxing nerves, concentrating and increasing the ability of the brain to absorb, find solutions to problems, and deal with people.

Studies confirmed that the separation of the brain from reality daily change  the human behaviors  and his  life over time.

It is possible to exercise just  for 5 to 10 minutes a daily.

Method of meditation:-

Sit in quiet closed room and practice deep breathing (breathing from the nose and exhalation of the mouth) and focus on your breathing, when you are  focusing on breathing alone, actually brain separated from reality. With a daily treadmill of 5-10 minutes.

After a while you notice the change in your life and your ability to make decisions and solve problems along with the clarity of mind and mental comfort.



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