The new Middle East -1



written by Eng. Jihan Alghazawi

When we talk about the Middle East, we have many points, questions and even conclusions

Many people know about the subject ,  but I have a different  point of view and I will take up the subject  from my point of view .

Several points I will discuss here.

1-The Arab Spring

Since the beginning of the revolutions of the Arab Spring, I  warned of the dependencies and the effects of these revolutions. During my stay in Europe, I was witness to the color revolutions  and its effects on both countries and peoples, and the main supporter of theses color revolutions and revolutions in general , the first beneficiary is the Jew George Sorce.

Sorce  played a big effective role in the Hebrew Autumn , that’s what I called it  , because it is so .

Why Sorce? Who most  benefits  from wars? Role of War Merchants ?

As It is known that the time of wars is reviving the market for weapons and goods and even pharmaceutical companies, and  appear people  their wealth has raising extremely ,  and people who have accumulated wealth after they were in the bottom and countries exported weapons and military equipment and deals on a high level and amounts in  billions ,  these are the benefits  of wars for some people  and  these are the most important causes of wars.

Sometimes before the start of the revolutions in the Arab countries I was asking and wandering  about the arms race between countries and the race is continuing so far .  But in recent  years after the developments witnessed by the whole world understood the answer, it is the  trade in the first level and second is to impose control and influence of powerful countries on weak countries, especially the rich countries .

We saw the sophisticated weapons in the hands of ISIS  and the front of the victory and even the hands of the Kurds regardless of the goal of each of them .

War is war and it is a profitable trade for some people  and the biggest loser are the people.

War trade is not only weapons but also urbanization: major companies will be given reconstruction bids for devastated countries such as Syria and Yemen

The economy is also recovering from pharmaceutical companies that thrive when outbreaks of disease result from military and biological warfare

Weapons, military equipment, medical equipment, food commodities and other sectors that thrive and in result  increase the wealth of some  , at the expense of peoples and countries destroyed by wars .

I do not want to discuss and write about the countries of the Arab Spring or rather the Hebrew autumn, because we know the results of revolutions in each country and the size of destruction, killing and displacement, so far the countries collapsed and have not recovered until now, even Tunisia, which started the  revolutions  is unstable.

2- The influence of Israel  

Israel is a state of occupation, its objectives are clear, its plans are clear, it is moving steadily to achieve its objectives, and in my opinion, Israel is superior to the Arab countries for several reasons :

1- Endless US support.

2– Superiority and achievements  in the scientific, medical and military fields , and I  cannot account  the number of Israeli scientists who received the Nobel Prize compared to the Arab

3-Subjugation of Arab leaders


Israel has been able to impose its influence and control indirectly in Arab countries because of Arab cooperation with Israel at the diplomatic level, such as some countries or at the diplomatic, commercial and military levels, such as many countries, and was able to destroy and break up countries and armies that were once a time  the most powerful armies in the region.

3- Iran’s influence

Despite that Iran  influence and plans are not the size of Israel’s influence  . Because Iran depends on its Shiite doctrine and its Shiite allies are entrenched in several countries, although the number of Shiites less than the number of Sunaa, but Iran was able, despite of  the siege imposed on it ,  has been able to destabilize the region from Iraq to Yemen through Syria and Lebanon..

It is  more surprising for the Arabs to regard the Iranian threat as more powerful than the Israeli threat and where they saw Iran as their first enemy, not Israel.



To be continued


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