The New Middle East -2



written by Eng. Jihan Alghazawi

Oil and gas war

One of the main reasons for igniting the Middle East is gas for Syria and oil for Iraq

Russia considered  the biggest gas exporter and the best source for Europe, since the dependence of Europe on Russian gas has a preference,  in terms the distance and  the price , and the countries passing through the Russian gas lines ,gut a benefit from a preferential price

But the presence of a large gas field between Iran and Qatar at the sea, which called the

North Gas Field or the Faris South Field, which  is a natural gas field located in the Arabian Gulf. The North Gas Field is shared by Qatar and Iran, the largest gas field in the world with 50.97 trillion cubic meters of gas with distance about 9,700 kilo meter , 6,000 in  In the territorial waters of Qatar and 3,700 in Iranian waters, the field was discovered in 1971 and production began in 1989.

Iran is also considered  one of the largest LNG  ( liquid natural gas)  producers and ranks third in the world after the United States and Russia. It shares Qatar with one of the world’s largest offshore gas fields, and Qataris call it the Northern Dome, while the Iranians call it South Pars

This field pushed Qatar to try to export liquefied natural gas to Europe, although Qatar supplies several countries with gas, such as Japan, China, India and South Korea, where ships sail through the Strait of Hormuz to Asia

Qatar asked President Bashar al-Assad to allow the extension of gas lines from Qatar through Syria to Turkey to Europe, but Bashar Assad’s decision was rejection to  Qatar’s request for several reasons , in my opinion of view  the strategic partnership between Syria and Russia although with Iran , because the arrival of  Qatar gas  to Europe will compete with Russian gas ,in the same time there was a suggestion from Iran to expand gas lines from Iran to Iraq passing Syria to Europe,   which made Qatar and Saudi Arabia abuse the Revolutions of the Arab Spring to ignite the fire of sedition and revolution in Syria and the determination to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and supply  the opposition with weapons and money to bring down Assad

In the same time Turkey  entered the war ,against Alassad regime to collapse it, Turkey run a huge role in Syria, supporting the opposition and opened the borders for terrorists, tried to impose their force in Syria, even they stole the factories equipments in Aleppo.

Some how  Erdogan could achieve a  benefit  from holding a partnership with Russia , after his argument with USA and the European union, for several reasons such as refusing the European union to accept Turkey to join with the union.

Erdogan  many times threaten Europe using the paper of refugees , and success with this item.

But  after  seven years of war in Syria and the Russian intervention in Syria and the rescue of the army and the Syrian regime and its fight against the armed factions in Syria and achieve military victories and achieve national interests between the spectrum of the Syrian people , was able to Tsar Putin subjugation of all parties and silence them , as Russia imposed its hegemony over Syria and was able to scale all parties supporting the armed factions in Syria, starting with America  to  Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which changed their position in relation to the Syrian regime

Russia intervened in Syria in the critical  moment, Syria was able  to collapsed  , and we would have had a scenario like that in Libya

Russia intervened in Syria to protect its interests and bases in Tartus and Latakia, which are Russia’s only bases on the warm seas. The fall of Syria means Russia’s loss of its only important presence in the Middle East on the shores of the Mediterranean

With reference to gas  , after 7 years and countries like Russia were able to find and open new gas markets. Qatar, after its exclusion from the GCC countries and Egypt was forced to return to Iran and deal with it in relation to gas and the use of Iranian  territorial water for Qatari gas tankers

After all of that we can realize that powerful countries such as Russia and America  still have cold war between them , but in another method, Russia tried to make the world multipolar

The middle east region like a cake, and many countries try to take a beat from this cake,. I do not know after these years will they success to impose another sayex pico  agreement and divide the region again,   perhaps they will success if the Arab still have this attitude in behavior and thinking.

To be continued


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