The Palestinians are paying the price for international silence … ?


صورة معلمDr. Stam, governor of Al Fayez
would not leave our memory scenes affecting father the child martyr Rahaf. Hussein a pirated bullets Zionist Treason and fell martyr in her father was afflicted deposited by tears shook the conscience of the world and all of it has the rest of the sense of
Syrian Kurdish child drowned when were thrown by the waves on the shores of the Sea Turkey occurred world turmoil cried German Chancellor Merkel Europe opened its doors to refugees the Syrians this is unacceptable and demonstrates the tunes whispering softly sense of such Western societies
, but it is regrettable that there is no Palestinian people sympathize with him
, unfortunately, the more the Russian battleships did not move toward Israel as a terrorist state practice the ugliest kinds of acts of murder against an unarmed people not possess only the will of life and withstand
Israeli occupation is the only occupation remaining in the world, and – to no avail – useful all international efforts To put an end to this occupation indicates the complicity of International and the extent of the Israeli influence in the international arena
has been able to Israel of the recruitment and the exploitation of the political conditions in the Arab region, especially the events in Iraq and Syria, it chose the timely implementation of its plans to strike-hit because Israel knows that the international community is indifferent to this matter, where to devote every effort to what is happening in Syria and Iraq, but
that is not a justification for shameful silence toward what is happening in the occupied territories of Palestine, what is happening in this country Aziz repercussions serious reflections on the Arab region and at the global level
warned that His Majesty King Abdullah II on every occasion that the instability in the Middle East for the existence of Israel and to implement resolutions of international legitimacy
third Palestinian Intifada on the doors and this means that the Arab region to come to Hurricane real
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to demands of rabbis layer, religious people, who had asked him to genocide of the Palestinian people and cannot ignore these demands because it derives its continuity of more Palestinians were killed and bloodshed Al-Awqaf between a child and an old man and a woman is important to kill
it is to address these brute force and when waiting for Palestinian people ..