The people shout and appeal to the king


Written by Dr. Sattam Al- Fayez

In most of the articles that we have written in this corner, which we look at from time to time, you notice that we talk about poverty, the difficult living conditions that the citizen has suffered, and the tragedies he leaves in every house of Jordanian citizens. You notice that we speak widely at corruption and corrupt, and the amount of wealth they enjoy and the extent of the pain and hatred caused to citizens , when they see many of the officials who are supposed to role example of people steal the state treasury, when they see them and see “this disaster” they escape punishment, when they see all this growing hatred in them. They make fun of those who are asked to be loyal to their homeland. Rather, they should stop stealing and corruption, and they should be the example and the ideal of people.

Personally, I do not write these articles out of the vacuum. I am a daily arbitrator of large segments of the population. This is what I owe to myself as president of the Jordanian pro-Hashemite group and as the chairman of the Free Media Group .All this has made me continue to communicate with the citizens, hear them , I receive many  notifications and information  from citizens , this information is extremely dangerous, It has come to many to commit crimes in order to provide bread to their children. All doors are closed in their faces. They suffer from unemployment and they have no source of income. Many of them wonder whether they have become slaves without their permission, and whether they and their children should die in order for the class of corrupt and thieves to be rich, while such simple people do not find anything, and while their sons put their feet on the path of deviation, crime and loss.

The citizens wonders is legal and in its place,  the Jordanian governments did not do anything to them except promises. Instead of relieving them and helping them, they followed the policy of raising prices and taxes so that every citizen feels the fact that in the time of slaves he pays only taxes and for these taxes deprived of his right to a decent life But lost the sense of security and stability and became concerned about the future of his children.

I send messages from time to time , because I know certainly what will happened and what will the citizen condition will be,  I am aware of my fear and concern. We all live on the soil of this citizen and we see the efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah to maintain the security and stability of the country. It is painful to see that many officials who do not fear God do not estimate these efforts, but hold on to their attempts to attack these efforts to demolish them in order to remain as they are rich and plunder whatever they like. The citizen is the country’s real capital and must be preserved and attentive to him.

The Jordan and the Hashemite leadership lasted … and to a close meeting with you


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