The values of belonging and loyalty of the State is threatened by VNS said


صورة معلم
Dr. Stam Al Fayez
note these days the values of loyalty to the State has started to lose its features that did not transfer it gradually disappearing
was not such a social phenomenon in several years ago at that time, the affiliation of the citizen in the but gradually started many of the values of collapse and changing mood of Jordanian citizen
perhaps such phenomenon puzzling interpretations have deep, or in other words, raises many questions about the Jordanian citizen connect to this situation or UAE separation of reality and disintegration of a lot of the frameworks and meanings real loyalty and affiliation is a matter of the utmost gravity, when it becomes the only geographical bowl and place exercise in which Jordanian Human Life inhabited by concerns for fear of the unknown fate and concern on the future of His sons
successive governments political decisions governmental many residues are made a lot of citizens in a valley in the State in a ravine another, while the Jordanian state did not seek to address this serious imbalance which would make any foreign citizen subject to polarize it very negative consequences, especially in such a critical security and political conditions in the Kingdom, in particular Arab world in general
, any government that accelerated to enhance the confidence of the institutions of the State, is not easy, but it is not impossible in only one case is to make the citizen life, livelihood a priority of the Jordanian state
and we know that Jordan in these circumstances is occupied by inspired focal point for discussions will be external concerns of the unknown and later, but such concerns is not occupied by the inspired procedure and establish priorities for citizens left behind by
the citizen in the outcome is the real wealth of the nation, because it is impregnable dam and immunity against any breakthrough external make real national unity and weaving in national best
hope that the message of hope that interested dear Jordan enjoy security and stability