The world’s first virtual reality luxury shopping universe

London, UK – London-based xydrobe is opening booking registrations for the world’s first luxury V-commerce shopping universe in 2023. The xydrobe universe will be exclusively accessible inside individual physical portals called “xydrobes” (pronounced ” zai-drobes”) which have been designed to be as visually compelling as they are groundbreaking and will be positioned in hand-selected locations around the world.

Inside a xydrobe, shoppers will be privately transported to an otherworldly seasonal landscape housing branded concessions to purchase real products inside, which will be experienced not only through virtual reality at the human eye level, but with scent, temperature, wind and surround sound. Taking Web3 luxury purchases from predictable to amazing.

Officially inaugurated in 2023, extraordinary partnerships will soon be announced with luxury brands in fashion, beauty and accessories with xydrobe location partnerships in select luxury hotels and airports.

Sign up at to be the first to reserve time in the xydrobe universe and receive information on all partnerships.

“Forget what you know about VR and what we think we know today about Web3, we’re here to change perceptions and change the way people buy luxury goods for good. As team and as a company, we believe in the power that an extraordinary experience has on how we shop more consciously and with greater satisfaction.This is just the beginning.

Nell Lloyd Malcolm, CEO of Xydrobe

With a plan to create a diverse bazaar of internationally recognized luxury brands, as well as niche independent labels, xydrobe will strive to embrace designers willing to tell their brand’s DNA to the public through stimulating and creative means. dazzling, whatever their size.

“There are so many opportunities with VR technology for brands to communicate their collections more to their customers, from inspiration to product craftsmanship.” says Isabella Gallucci, brand director of xydrobe. “The ability for a brand’s creative director to expand their concepts, through the interactive and immersive 4D capabilities of an xydrobe, without any limitations is truly exhilarating.”

About xydrobe

xydrobe was born in the middle of 2021 from its co-founders seeing a lack of VFX quality in luxury fashion compared to that of the film industry. Co-founders Nell Lloyd Malcolm, Isabella Gallucci and Michael Pegrum proved the quality of xydrobe’s work, producing a VFX version of JW Anderson’s iconic Harry Style patchwork cardigan, releasing it as NFT for a charity auction .

Taking over 300 hours of work, the garment looked so hyper-realistic that xydrobe garnered international fashion media attention from titles including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, GQ and Vogue. From January 2022, xydrobe then began to produce high quality digital content for brands, assets to help them bridge the consumer gap between retail, social and ecom, notably with Givenchy and the launch of the TK-sneaker. 360.

From there, xydrobe saw a problem that needed to be fixed; the growing need for fashion houses to better tell their brand DNA and seasonal stories to their ecom consumers, while bringing theater back into their retail spaces. They have started building the world’s first luxury V-Commerce shopping universe accessible through real xydrobe portals to be launched in 2023, aiming to expand to major global territories throughout the year . Their plans to build the xydrobe home VR app are set for 2024.

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