This Tunnel in Colorado is Haunted and Will Scare the Living Daylights Out of Any Survivalist


For some it may just be another tunnel to travel through to get to a destination. For others it smacks with the memory of a horrible event that crushed families and horrified surrounding communities. This historical tunnel may be historical, but with every bit of history comes the potential of also being haunted. Read about this eerie and haunted location below:

What makes these historic tunnels haunted? According to legend, one of the tunnels completely collapsed while a school bus full of orphans was driving through, instantly killing the driver and children upon impact.

Since the children’s (alleged) untimely deaths, those traveling to the area have reported several paranormal experiences, including the sound of children’s screams, small and dusty handprints found on cars, and even the feeling of being pushed or scratched when no one is around.

While most of these occurrences can be experienced in the collapsed third tunnel, there have still been reports of activity coming from the second.
It should also be noted that some workers met their deaths during the construction of the tunnels.

If the tunnel truly is haunted we cannot begrudge those poor children their anger and grief. Lives that had been cut short so horribly.

Then, in a more curious manner, we have to also ask why after so long did the tunnel come down? We would have to imagine that it was retrofitted at least a time or two to make it a worthy of passage – right? If not, perhaps that is a good reason for a haunting!

To read more and see some wonderful photos of this haunted location go to Only In Your State.


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