Tourism in Bulgaria



Atanspring: The number of tourists visiting each year about 10 million tourists. Bulgaria is an important transit country for trade between Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Bulgaria, the Republic of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Република България) state located southeast Europe overlooking the Black Sea from the western part. Romania is bordered to the north, and Turkey, and Greece to the south and the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia to the European Union Gharba.oandmt in the first January 2007
Located in the highlands southwest of the country, with the highest peak in the Balkans is the peak of Musala Chapel, where a height of 2,925 meters above sea level. In the south-east, there are plateaus and plains along the coast of the Black Sea, as the plains abound on the banks of the Danube River, the most important in the country and which forms the natural border of Bulgaria with its neighbor Romania. Storma rivers and Maritza reside in the south.

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi