Turkey and the Middle East -3



Written by Eng. Jihan Alghazawi


Perhaps  the  words  cannot express the role of Turkey, which still dreams of the Ottoman Caliphate, which it thinks it is from  superpowers,  trying to impose its hegemony in the region, and narcissism Erdogan proves it

The Ottoman Sultan, as he tries to portray himself, tries to compete with the powerful leaders of the world, challenge them, dare and attack countries as he is in a  nursery, and imitate North Korea’s president with great madness.

Erdogan has played a major role in contemporary Turkey, where we find in Turkey mosques and Islamic teachings and in the opposite side we find brothels and mummies, and between this and that we find that a large majority of the Turkish people bear the thought of Dahesh ISIS  as carrying within them the dream of the Ottoman Caliphate and the Ottoman legacy  which shared by the victorious countries during the International war 1.

Erdogan, since he was governor of Istanbul worked for Turkey and sought to flourish and development Turkey,       and he was able during his  ruling years working to rise Turkey and jump by the qualitative leap towards Turkey contemporary competing with advanced  countries  economically, scientifically and tourism

And the development of infrastructure and architecture and the construction of schools and hospitals and increase individual income and pay the public debt of Turkey over several years, which increased its popularity among the Turkish citizens and gain support for Turkish public opinion

On the other hand, at the level of foreign policy, Erdogan sees his policy as an arbitrary and random policy, trying to compete with powerful leaders of the world  and treating them according his interest  as he sees it .  He sees himself  as a strong ally of America some times,  and other times  another ally of Russia to his arch rival Putin, who considers him a rival and competitive for him , and he forgot that the policy is a game of   Political, economical  and even strategic interests

This was absorbed after the coup  of the army, which accused the Gulen movement.

Which resulted in a campaign of arrests in the ranks of the army, judges, teachers, police and intellectual class in Turkey

Sparking global public opinion and the irritation of the European Union, which stopped Turkey’s accession to the European Union and caused hostility with several European countries, which Erdogan accused of Nazism, such as the Netherlands and Germany, which controls the Union, which opened a strong front against Erdogan in Europe

And America, which stood against Erdogan’s policy and refused to hand over Abdullah Gulen, which was   Erdogan waiting the opportunity to get rid of him, and was the argument of the coup, where Abdullah Gulen considered a competitive for Erdogan

Erdogan’s relationship with Gulen is related to a different sense of purpose and objectives, while Erdogan is actually the head of state, Abdullah Gülen is the head of the shadow, and Gulen established  a government   synonymous   to Erdogan’s government. He has gathered a large part of intelligent  opposition around himself. Erdogan fears Gulen’s expansion and expansion (though he is in exile) Gulen, who worked on the establishment of schools, universities, hospitals and other facilities serving citizens, which Erdogan closed all after the coup

He abused   the coup accident  to eliminate  the Gulen movement and put its members in Turkish prisons, despite international condemnation of carrying out hasty arrests.

Despite the international appeal to stop the campaign of arrests, Erdogan continued to eliminate the opposition, which was active and expanding

As for the role played by Erdogan in influencing the policy of the Middle East was so huge, he used the triggering of the Arab Spring to interfere in the affairs of its neighbors border, and opened the Turkish border widely  to enter thousands of fighters and weapons and food and military supplies and funding for the Syrian armed opposition, which ignited the Syrian civil war for the seventh year

Which was the cause of the displacement and displacement of millions of Syrians and the killing of thousands

It was not enough for him although he separated the factories of Aleppo into parts and transported to Turkey. Although the steeling of Syrian Petrol and Gaz,

Which was discovered by Russia and bombed the tankers and caused a big loss for  Erdogan, who in turn bombed a Russian warplane in retaliation for Russia and the crisis of relations between Russia and Turkey continued to tense until the coup,  The alleged US and European Union abandonment of Turkey, Erdogan came to the reconciliation of Russia and Putin after he found himself isolated international

Putin’s wisdom made him pass on Turkish  reconciliation to know what role he could benefit from Turkey

The millions of Syrians who were stranded and lost between a homeland consumed by the war and the merchants of war who traded the blood of the Syrians ,  started with Erdogan, who supported the Syrian opposition, one of its financiers and supporters to overthrow the Assad regime, which opened the borders of his country to the passage of thousands of fighters causing long dilemma  and caused destruction to Syria and the Syrians.

And it was not enough for him, but also played on the paper of Syrian migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe and Europe has emerged in large sums that have been forced to pay  him for the suspension of human migration to Europe

His argument was the economic burden imposed by Syrian Asylum   to Turkey, which exceeded two million people

Erdogan did  not involved only in  Syria, but also interfere in Iraq and the entry of army and military equipment to Iraq under the pretext of protecting the Turkmen ,despite the rejection  of Baghdad government  and its protest to the Security Council

However, most Arabs see Erdogan as a national hero and others like me find in Erdogan a narcissistic person who seeks to realize the dream of the Ottoman Caliphate  and inaugurates himself as an Ottoman Sultan, but that does not mean Erdogan is stupid on the contrary. He knows how to play on  the strings.  Like Gaza crisis  and the Muslims Brothers movement and Syrian refugees and others

And he was able to understand the game of international interests and now he  is an ally of President Putin and became a participant in the military forces against ISIS in Syria, where the cake is divided, cake interests among several countries and change the map of the Middle East

The majority of Arab think the new middle east map is what Condoleezza Rise spooked at, and America sought to proceed it , but USA and many Arab such as

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and others, have forgotten the rising international powers that are trying to create a multipolar world,  and reduce America’s domination of the world, impose a new policy and a reality  different from the US plan and vision , which has forgotten Russia’s interest in being on the Mediterranean shores.

Russia managed to impose its hegemony on the international arena and was able to limit all countries and raise their hands on Syria and impose its conditions on the Syrian reality, forcing the rulers of the Arabs submission to Russia and its strong leader Putin

And we have seen the rulers of the Arabs visit Russia sequentially after America was their first direction.


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