U.S. spy agencies in the service of Israel



Arabspring: Documents released by Snowden, who has translated some of the contents again, the mechanism used by the U.S. administration and adopted in all areas and provide logistics support for a series of attacks by Israel on its neighbors, especially the Arabs in Palestine and Lebanon several times.

It was published at the level of the Arab media, and before the adoption of the translation of documents unequivocally and definitively, that during the past decade has increased the National Security Agency aid spyware it provides to its Israeli counterpart, «Unit of National Intelligence (also known as Unit 8200)», including the data used to monitor and the targeting of Palestinians. In many cases, operating the National Security Agency and the Israeli intelligence cooperation with the spy agencies of British and Canadian, which includes a two-state by Snowden to the list of the biggest supporters of Israeli state terrorism. By Snowden US-Israel relationship, on one occasion at least, involved the payments secret large sums of money to agents of Israel as well as spyware of their own, adopted agencies monitoring the U.S. and British, Arab regimes supported by the United States, and even the Palestinian Authority security forces, to provide services relating to espionage vital Palestinian goals.
The new documents confirm the direct intervention of the U.S. government and its key allies, the Israeli aggression against its neighbors.
Scandal, the most prominent in the context that the National Security Agency and U.S. intelligence receives information about the Palestinians from many sources, and take them to Israel, has succeeded agencies in carrying the security forces of the Palestinian Authority, backed by the United States to provide them with intelligence information about «groups» other Arab in the region.
Believes that as long as the documents that the Gaza Strip, where the president of the organization belonging to Hamas, which is the same place that witnessed clashes between supporters of the Hamas and Fatah organizations and the Israelis and Palestinian militants, as evidenced «fights» between these forces, the importance of his «decisive».
Institutions that supported America there (PASE) is not warfare or terrorist, but they may provide the U.S. with reports of organizations classified Karhabiyh U.S. .. after the withdrawal of Israeli forces, Palestinian institutions are considered the best Mzodatna »by American document» explains the information by margins explanations documents feed Israeli bank information.

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi


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