VR Mixture hack & slash adventure game announced

September 2, 2022 – Played with firea Poland-based virtual reality (VR) game development studio, recently announced that its new VR title “Mixture”, a single-player fantasy action-adventure game, is coming to Meta Quest 2.

Although played solo, players will simultaneously control two unique characters. The story follows Sola the Moth, an exiled knight on a quest for redemption, who players control to traverse dangerous barren worlds of living metals, ores, and crystals. Sola is joined by a second character that players can control – a master alchemist who can bend the properties of elemental matter. Together, they form a force to be reckoned with.

The game leans heavily on action and combat, with two offensive player characters, a dynamic camera, plenty of boss battles, and more, according to a blog post by Meta. In the player’s hands, Sola runs, dashes, and glides to travel. Wielding his deadly scythe, players can stab and slash hostile golems and other monsters, using sleek third-person melee combos and finishers.

Sephairos, the Master Alchemist, has a range of hand-controlled abilities that players can utilize, including resource gathering and the intuitive crafting of bottled concoctions that can be thrown at both enemy and environmental targets .

Players can use in-game melds and alchemy to exploit weaknesses, but they can also provide other opportunities. For example, players can repel objects, stick them together, grow them, or separate them to add to the gameplay. Throughout the game, the range of mix formulas available to the player will expand dramatically as new ones are earned in battle or rebuilt.

The adventure takes place in five regions of the “Realm of Alchemy”, all made of malleable and transmutable materials. Creatures and objects in the realm react strongly to alchemical mixes and melee attacks, with physically simulated behavior changes.

“Played with Fire started in 2019 as a couple of developers and friends from Krakow, Poland, who decided to start their own studio,” said CEO and lead programmer Bartłomiej Szydło. “We wanted to experiment with new technologies and design new solutions, to ‘play with fire’, so to speak. Virtual reality and the metaverse is where the future is, and we’ll be here to be a part of it!”

Played with Fire also previously released a title on the Oculus Rift called Stargaze. “We work in a variety of action and adventure genres where our strengths lie,” Szydło added. “Each game is unique, but there are hand-drawn touches to the visual worlds we create that always make them recognizable as our work.”

“With Mixture, we’ve combined the quick reflexes of hands in VR action and the handcrafting and casting of alchemy with our love of classic metroidvanias and sleek action games, which use a fully visible avatar to emphasize the incredible, cinematic hero’s combat abilities,” Szydło continued. “The amount of fun, real-time interactions between two characters presented from two joined viewpoints is something unique to VR. and something we wanted to explore.”

Played with Fire will be exhibiting at PAX West Game Conference in Seattle September 2-5, where attendees can meet the development team and learn about the game! Stop by booth 650 to meet the development team and get familiar with Mixture.

For more information on Played with Fire and the company’s VR games, click here.

Image/video credit: Played with Fire / Meta Quest / YouTube

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