Watch the rocket launch live in virtual reality


NASA Artemis I: Watch the rocket launch live in virtual reality

Image: NASA

  • The launch has been canceled and postponed to next Friday evening. Live streaming from Meta will then be available again.

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Those with access to Horizon Worlds go to the Venues Hub in the app. The Artemis Ascending building is located there. A search through the Horizon Worlds main menu should also lead to the event. After the broadcast, Space Explorers Agora, a new world, will launch in Horizon Worlds. You can meet real astronauts, astrophysicists and other space specialists and attend conferences.

Horizon Worlds is currently available for ages 18+ in the US, Canada, UK, Iceland, Ireland, France, and Spain. Without Meta Quest 2 and Horizon Worlds, you can watch the Artemis launch via NASA’s YouTube live stream.

Felix & Paul Studios is teaming up with Meta to bring a NASA rocket launch into virtual reality. How to experience the event?

NASA wants to go back to the moon. By 2024 at the latest, astronauts must set foot on Earth’s only natural satellite. Preparations for this are already in full swing. The first in a series of test flights is set to begin in August, and you can be there live – in a VR headset.

NASA wants to go to the moon: the Artemis project begins

With the Artemis program, NASA aims to send astronauts to the Moon for the first time since 1972. For the first time in the history of lunar flights, a woman will also be part of the crew. The mission is designed to last several years and stages, leading to several lunar landings by 2028.

The first part of the Artemis program is the launch of Orion CM-002, an uncrewed spacecraft slated to lift off from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida in August and head into lunar orbit. During the flight, which will last approximately four to six weeks, the Orion CM-002 will undergo its first major test.

Command and service modules, maneuverability in lunar orbit and heat shield during reentry into Earth orbit will be tested. If successful, phase two of the mission and the first crewed flight will begin next year.


Artemis I: Watch the launch of the Orion CM-002 in VR

Felix & Paul Studios brings the launch of Orion CM-002 to virtual reality in partnership with Meta. Meta Quest 2 users can watch the immersive livestream in the Venues event app, which recently became part of the Meta Horizon Worlds social VR platform. A 360 degree video in 8K awaits you there.

Until now, Horizon Worlds was only available to users in North America. Soon, Metaverse by Meta will also be launched in Europe. First, the platform will be rolled out to UK member states. Other countries will follow.

Artemis Live Stream via Facebook

You can also watch the broadcast normally on your monitor: It will take place on the Space Explorers Facebook page. A date has not yet been set. So far, NASA is only planning for August 2022. The 360 ​​degree stream via Facebook will run in 5K resolution.

Felix & Paul Studios are known for their immersive virtual reality experiences in space. With Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, the studio premiered the first film shot entirely in space and won an Emmy Award for multi-part VR documentary in 2021.

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