When wars and conflicts are used as a pretext for suppressing human rights and depriving them of their rights



Written by Dr. Sattam Al- Fayez

From my position as Secretary-General of the World Shield Organization for the Protection of Freedom and Citizen’s Rights, I demand from  all the governments of the world to obligate  by the implementation of international human rights instruments, especially after we in this organization  have seen a great decline in this field ,  because of the wars that are afflicting these countries.

It is important to discuss this important issue in our Arab region Which has been witnessing conflicts and wars that have been going on for more than six years

These circumstances have had negative effects on the citizens of these countries and their neighboring countries  , in terms of violations of human rights guaranteed by all international laws and conventions , such as the freedom of expression and the human right to education and treatment and the right to provide all the basic needs which life  cannot go on without them.

Although the existence of wars and conflicts in our region is a fact that cannot be ignored, but we have observed that citizens in some countries of the region are being suppressed under illusory pretexts and illogical arguments such as combating terrorism, for example

In terms under these arguments permanent  violations occurred in human rights, and free people place them in jail , and issue the law and legislation which restrict  the freedom of expression

As a human rights organization, addressed in  human right we spoke with many countries according  this regard. We have monitored many violations and many of them have been dealt with. We continue to do our work and carry out our mission, despite we are facing many difficulties   because of  the circumstances of these countries and their instability, although  these difficulties will not prevent us from continuing to do our duty

Political conditions have been imposed not only in the Arab region although  in many countries of the world. We mean  the political circumstances because of  the existence of conflicts and wars

.  These conditions imposed many security challenges. Such challenges posed many burdens on citizens, and these challenges  were a cause  to impose many laws and legislations that extremely  harmed the  human rights.

Despite we do not deny the existence of such security challenges, but we reiterate our call to the governments and countries of the region to deal with a kind of balance and respect for international laws and respect for the rights of the citizen, where we do not need to remind  of these rights.

There is no  need to name the countries where there are violations and permanent attacks on human rights ,  and just we  say that many people have become homeless due to conflicts and wars. As many children have been deprived of their basic rights to education, as well as the inability of many people  to receive treatment and a decent life

We are carrying out our mission in a world full of turmoil, but thanks to God we have accomplished much and there is still much to do, hoping that we will succeed in our mission and complete this talk in future articles



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