Worst parents ever? Russian toddler hangs out of 8th floor window (VIDEO)



A shocking video has been released on YouTube showing a toddler standing on the ledge of a 8th floor window. One tiny slip and the child could easily have fallen to his death. His “worst parents ever” are nowhere to be seen.

The incident took place in the town of Miass in the Chelyabinsk Region in the Russian Urals, according to reports from social media.

The toddler stares fearlessly from the window to the ground and teeters there perilously. At one moment it looks that he is going to fall, but luckily he remained on his feet and decided to go back inside.

The incident was witnessed by residents in the neighboring building, who immediately called the police. As it took nearly 15 minutes for officers to get to the scene, they didn’t actually see the toddler’s death-defying stunt.

Police spoke to the parents of the child, and later told local media that they are a normal family without any problems.